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Ipad and Tablet Stand Pillow Holder


Are you tired of trying to hold up your device or book while sitting or lying down?

As soon as you’re able to find a comfortable position and relax, it falls over! Discover the multi-angle tablet soft stand!

Easily prop up all your electronic devices and printed materials for the perfect viewing angle. Great for iPads, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, magazines, books and more! It provides three comfort angles to choose from. Simply rotate it while lying down, sitting and standing to find the right angle for you.

This is a super functional stand that is more like a comfortable pillow than a piece of hardware. It has three different reading angles and does the work of supporting your device while you relax, no matter what position you’re in. Just flip to the reading angle you need while you stay in place. Super lightweight yet sturdy, It is convenient for folks of all ages.

The secret is in the tri-ledge design that gives you three perfect viewing angles — whether you're lying down, sitting up or even standing! All you do is rotate to find the view that works for you!


  • 3 viewing angles.
  • Soft, sturdy, and lightweight.
  • Plush soft exterior that you may wipe off with a damp cloth to clean.
  • Compatible with most tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and reading materials.


  • Material: Breakthrough cushioned foam
  • Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue/Gray/Red/Black/Pink
  • Size: 29*27*22cm/11.42*10.63*8.66in
  • Weight: 300g

Package Included:

  • 1x iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder